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altech Supasafe Planks

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Supasafe Planks
  • Structural-grade Aluminum Alloy for Strength
  • Vee-grooved knurls for Superior Grip.
  • Cast Aluminium End Caps for Durability
  • Two Stiffening Webs for Impact Resistance
  • Up to 5 Mtr. Span (2 Planks Clamped Together)
These planks are available three grades –
Standard – Knurled only
Deluxe – Knurled plus Friction Strips one side
Premium – Knurled & Friction Strips two sides
Quality planks for Painters, Plasterers and general trade use.  
Specifications and Sizes
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Supasafe Aluminium Planks
These Planks are excellent value for money. They also offer quality in safety and performance. All Planks are made from high-grade alloy to deliver strength and durability. They will provide many years of trouble free use.

The Planks are available in Standard, Deluxe and Premium models. All planks feature four grooved knurls on each side. The Deluxe and Premium planks also feature rubber friction strips for a firm foothold. All planks have cast aluminium end caps. These caps are fitted with countersunk head rivets. There are no protruding heads or unsightly welded joints. They also feature two strong internal strengthening webs. These webs provide increased stiffness and greater resistance to impact. Two planks are quickly and easily joined using Twin-Plank Clamps.
The result is a 450 mm wide working platform.

altech Supasafe Aluminium Planks
Order Options and Pricing
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Order by Phone
If you have questions about your product or other inquiries you can call us on
1300 944 912 and we will be happy to answer them. If you decide to proceed we can take your order and payment details over the phone. We accept payment by EFT, MasterCard and Visa.

Order by Email
You can send your standard order document by email and advise your preferred payment and shipping method. We accept payment by EFT, MasterCard and Visa.
OnLine Order Inquiry
Select your product size (model) and quantity from the dropdown list and place your order inquiry.
No online payment is required.
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You will receive an email quotation invoice including freight (if any) and tax. If you decide to proceed, pay the invoice and your order will be shipped or available for collection. We accept payment by EFT, MasterCard and Visa.
altech Supasafe Planks
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Shipping Information
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This item is available for Australia Wide Delivery by road transport.
For delivery times or express delivery contact us.

This item is also available for pick-up from the following location –
Campbellfield VIC.
Pick-up hours: Monday to Thursday 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Friday 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (Excluding Public Holidays)
Note: This location does not take payments. To enable pickup pay your invoice.
On payment receipt you will receive a pick up authorisation including pickup address.

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