Super Stools

  • Choice of Low, High or Ultra High Legs*

  • Available in lengths from 1.25m to 3.5m

  • 200kg working load limit

  • Legs Adjust for Optimum Platform Height

  • Legs lock in open and closed positions

*Please enquire about this item

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Altech Super Stools    
Model / CodeProduct DescriptionWeight KilosPrice
ALSSS12501.25m Super Stool Low12262
ALSSS15001.50m Super Stool Low13270
ALSSS17501.75m Super Stool Low13.75278
ALSSS20002.0m Super Stool Low14.75286
ALSSS25002.5m Super Stool Low16.5302
ALSSS30003.0m Super Stool Low18.25318
ALSSS35003.5m Super Stool Low20334
ALSSD12501.25m Super Stool Double Low16.75326
ALSSD15001.50m Super Stool Double Low18.75343
ALSSD17501.75m Super Stool Double Low20.5360
ALSSD20002.0m Super Stool Double Low22.25376
ALSSD25002.5m Super Stool Double Low25.75409
ALSSD30003.0m Super Stool Double Low29.25443
ALSSD35003.5m Super Stool Double Low32.75476
ALSSSH15001.50m Super Stool High13.75289
ALSSSH17501.75m Super Stool High14.75298
ALSSSH20002.0m Super Stool High15.5306
ALSSSH25002.5m Super Stool High17.25322
ALSSSH30003.0m Super Stool High19339
ALSSSH35003.5m Super Stool High20.75355
ALSSDH15001.50m Super Stool Double High19.5367
ALSSDH17501.75m Super Stool Double High21.5384
ALSSDH20002.0m Super Stool Double High23401
ALSSDH25002.5m Super Stool Double High26.5435
ALSSDH30003.0m Super Stool Double High30470
ALSSDH35003.5m Super Stool Double High33504
ALSSSU20002.0m Super Stool Ultra High17.25347
ALSSSU25002.5m Super Stool Ultra High19365
ALSSSU30003.0m Super Stool Ultra High20.75383
ALSSSU35003.5m Super Stool Ultra High22.5401
ALSSDU20002.0m Super Stool Double Ultra High24.75456
ALSSDU25002.5m Super Stool Double Ultra High28.75493
ALSSDU30003.0m Super Stool Double Ultra High31.75530
ALSSDU35003.5m Super Stool Double Ultra High34.75567
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ALSS LC - Leg Clip
ALSS PP - Plunger Pin
ALSS RF Rubber Feet
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altech Super Stools

These high quality Super Stools are available as a single or double width stool. altech Super Stools also offer greater convenience than trestle ladders and a plank. Quick to set up the stool legs lock in both the use and transport positions. They are easily transported and carry handles are provided for both positions.

Altech Super Stools - Single Stool Technical Data
Altech Super Stools - Double Stool Technical Data