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BRANACH WorkMaster Mobile Fibreglass Step Platform

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Workmaster Mobile Fibreglass
Step Platform
  • Larger Platform Deck for More Workspace
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • 150 Kg Load Rating
  • Strong Box Jointing System for Strength
  • Ground Isolated Fibreglass Construction

These Mobile Fibreglass Step-Platforms are available in the FPL and FPW (Wide Platform) series. These FPW models offers greater stability and increased workspace.  
Specifications and Sizes
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Branach Workmaster Mobile Fibreglass Step-Platform
Castors provide an efficient means of moving step-platforms. Workmaster Mobile Step-Platforms have two methods to provide mobility with castors. Platform heights up to 1.8 meters use castors with springs. The default position of these castors allows the ladder to move easily. Under the weight of the user the castors retract therefore making the ladder stationary.

Castors with springs are practical if you need to frequently re-position your ladder. For example around a factory floor or large flat areas.
Platform heights over 1.8 meters use castors with levers. Moving the lever allows the ladder to roll freely. Reversing the action retracts the castors and therefore makes the ladder stationary. Castors with levers are great if you are having mobility issues with your ladder. Or if you just want to increase efficiency and safety when moving your ladder.

An alternative to castors is wheels. The Outdoor Wheel Kit allows the user to tip the ladder and pull or push it around uneven ground with ease. The Outdoor Wheel Kit is particularly useful if the ladder frequently needs to be moved around a large work site.
Both the FPL and FPW (wide platform) series Step-Platforms can be fitted with castors or wheels.
Branach Mobile Fibreglass Step Platform
Order Options and Pricing
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Branach Mobile Platform Ladder
Platform Step Ladders – Mobile
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Shipping Information
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This item is available for Australia Wide Delivery by road transport.
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Boronia (Melbourne)
Pick-up hours: Monday to Thursday 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Friday 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. (Excluding Public Holidays)
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