The altech Handrail system provides fall protection

altech Fall Protection
Supasafe Handrail System

  • Single bay or multiple bay system

  • Heights up to 4.8 metres

  • Outriggers for greater stability

  • Fully adjustable telescopic handrails

  • Spreader bar locks trestles in open position

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altech Fall Protection handrail system - download brochure.

5 Meter Span

6 Meter Span

Specifications and Sizes

altech – Handrail Kit

Designed for use with Trestles and Planks the altech handrail kit creates a stable work platform with fall protection. Use it in single or multiple bay arrangements at heights up to 4.8 meters. Clamp the planks with twin plank clamps and use plank lengths between four and six meters.

Rather than dead weights the kit uses outriggers for greater stability.

The Handrail kit includes three telescopic handrails. The handrails are fully adjustable and provide complete fall protection. A spreader bar securely holds the trestles open and adds to the safety features.

Altech Fall Protection Handrail system - Technical data