BRANACH Trademaster
Fibreglass Extension-Ladder

  • Fibreglass Stiles for Ground Isolation

  • Lightweight and Effortless Deployment

  • 6060 Aluminium Alloy Round Rung

  • Strongbox Construction Reduces Twist

  • All Weather Resistant

This Extension Ladder is lightweight. With Ground Isolation it is also safe for Electrical Work. Strongbox design is used to reduce ladder twist.

 Fibreglass Extension-Ladder - Brochure
Extension-Ladder - Specifications

Specifications and Sizes

Fibreglass Extension Ladder - Specifications
Fibreglass Extension Ladder Properties

Ladder Accessories

There is an extensive range of ladder accessories for Branach ladders. These add-ons improve safety as well as comfort for ladder users. The Terrain Master add-on increases the width at the base of a ladder. Therefore it enables ladders use on uneven surfaces and slopes. It also reduces the risk of ladders slipping or sliding. The Terrain Master fits to the Trademaster Fibreglass Extension-Ladder. In addition it fits to all other Branach ladders.

The TerrainMaster brings a whole new level of safety to those working at heights. It provides a levelling and stabilising system that is a game changer.

Watch the video and Contact us for details.