Allweld Fully Welded Platform-Steps Brochure
Allweld Fully Welded Platform-Steps Specifications

Fully Welded Aluminium Platform-Steps

  • Fully Welded construction

  • Full Length Grab Rails – 2 Sides

  • Generous 700 x 400 Checkerplate Platform

  • Wide Flared Base for Maximum Stability

  • Handrail and/or Safety Gate Option

Very hard to beat these tough, fully welded Aluminium Platform-Steps have proven themselves for over 30 years!

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Allweld Folding Platform Steps
ModelStep NumberPlatform HeightOverall HeightApproximate WeightFootprintLoad RatingPrice
AWFPS0620.55m1.45m9kg1.04m x 0.72m200kg389
AWFPS0930.82m1.72m11kg1.23m x 0.72m200kg435
AWFPS1241.09m1.99m13kg1.40m x 0.72m200kg475
AWFPS1551.36m2.29m15kg1.60m x 0.72m200kg515
AWFPS1861.63m2.53m17kg1.80m x 0.72m200kg564
AWFPS2171.90m2.80m20kg1.95m x 0.87m200kg626
AWFPS2482.18m3.08m22kg2.11m x 0.87m200kg690
AWFPS2792.45m3.35m30kg2.23m x 1.05m150kg1,089
AWFPS30102.72m3.62m33kg2.40m x 1.05m150kg1,218
AWFPS33112.99m3.89m36kg2.57m x 1.05m150kg1,286
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Allweld Folding Platform Ladder Accessories
AWFPLT - Loading Tray. 5Kg Load Rating
AWFPOR - Optional Hand Rails - Yellow Powdercoat.
Note: all models have existing grab rails
AWFPMB - Wall Mounting Bracket
AWFPG - Safety Gate - Yellow Powdercoat.
Note: safety gates come with handrails inbuilt
These items are not available for on-line order.
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Allweld Fully Welded Aluminium Platform-Steps

Allweld Folding Aluminium Platform-Steps are designed and built in Australia and also built to last. All materials are high quality. These Platform ladders are fabricated from fully welded aluminium. They are designed and constructed in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1665:2004 and AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 pt1.

This is a genuine industrial grade platform ladder that will give you a long maintenance free working life. The 200kg load rating confirms their strength.


Allweld Industrial Ladders are safe. The wide non-slip steps and two full length grab rails add to your safety. In addition a set of optional bolt on handrails can further enhance your safety. The platform is 700mm long x 400mm wide. This gives you a large safe area to work from. Remember that employee safety is paramount to the success of every business.


The Allweld Folding Platform Ladder saves you time and Save Money. The large aluminium platform gives you a comfortable working area and because you are able to access more from the ladder it will save you time.


The Allweld Folding Platform Ladder is easy to use. When you fold the ladder the spreader bar automatically locks into position. An optional safety gate fully encloses you on the platform. This is a great safety feature. The ladder can still be folded up while the safety gate is attached. Also because of the large platform there is plenty of room for you to move around even when the gate is shut behind you.


An optional extra is yellow powder coated bolt on handrails to assist you ascending and descending the ladder. This option is in addition to the existing grab rails which come standard on the ladder.

Also wall brackets are available for ladder stowage where space constraints apply. Simply fold and hang your platform ladder out of the way.

A clip on loading tray is a great accessory for keeps light tools close handy when you are using the ladder. The tray has a load rating of 5kg and four sides to stop the tools from rolling off.