Fully Welded Single Side Step-Ladders

  • Fully Welded Aluminium Construction

  • Flared Base for Greater Stability

  • Deep 80 mm Non-Slip Treads

  • Automatic Locking Spreader

  • 150 Kg Industrial Load Rating

With a Tough Tubular Frame these Step Ladders have a proven track record.
Most of them are still in service
after more than 30 years!

Specifications and Sizes

ALLWELD Single Side Ladder Specifications

Allweld Fully Welded Single Side Step-Ladders are a genuine industrial grade ladder which is why serious tradespeople choose them.

Safety and stability is maximised with features such as a wider than standard base, non-slip 80mm wide steps and a minimum load rating of 150kg.

The single sided ladders boast a sturdy automatic locking spreader bar. This locking mechanism being automatic means the operator does not have to be relied upon to lock the ladder in the A frame position ruling out human error.

Allweld Industrial Ladders manufacture a true industrial grade A frame aluminium ladder that will not fail you and will last for years and tears.

Ladders are designed and constructed in accordance with AS/NZS 1665:2004 and AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 pt1 and are fully welded from high grade 6060 T5 aluminium.

The models range from two steps to fourteen steps high. The two, three, and four step models have a steady rail which greatly increases your balance and therefore your safety. The Steady Rail is available as an option on all other sizes. Price on application.