Aluminium Extension Ladder

  • Light Weight

  • Swagelock Aluminium D Rung

  • Interlocking Side Rails for Stability

  • 150 Kg Load Rating

  • Complies with AS/NZS 1892.1:1996

This lightweight and rigid Extension Ladder will suit professionals. It features flat top ‘D’ rung and Interlocking side rails for safety and stability together with an easy use flow braided rope system.

Single extension ladder - Brochure
LADaMAX aluminium extension ladder - Specifications

Specifications and Sizes

LADaMAX Single Extension Ladder - Table of sizes


  • This extension ladder is lightweight and also rigid. Hence it will suit professionals.
  • It features flat top ‘D’ rungs for comfort and also interlocking side rails for stability.
  • In addition it has an easy flow braided rope to raise the ladder. 
  • Large flat feet are provided for extra support. 
  • Available lengths are from 2.4 to 3.9 meters when extended up to 6.0 to 10.8 meters when extended.
  • The load rating is 150 kilo. The ladder is manufactured to the Australian Standard AS 1892.