• Moves, Positions and Lifts with Ease

  • Makes Light Work of Lifting up to 60Kg

  • Load Automatically Braked at Any Position

  • Always Read to Work – No Battery Required

  • Safer Handling for Large or Heavy Items

All the automatic safety features of StockMaster Navigator plus a lifting system for larger or heavier items.

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Stockmaster Lift Truk (Manual) is a safe and easy to use lifting platform ladder that is mobile only when you are moving it and you pick, lower and transport items in one action. One person can safely handle pick items up to 60kg without the need for a second person to pass items up or down. Featuring a manual winch, maintenance costs are small, and there is no down time for battery charging. Similar to a forklift, place items on the lift table to lower and move them. This saves time for transfer to a trolley, and reduces the need for trolleys.

StockMaster Lift-Truk Selection Chart
This Selection Chart provides a guide for the Working Range.
The working Range is the height above ground at which an operator
can safely work when standing on the platform.
The Operating Environment must also be known
to confirm the suitability of the product.
Model/CodePlatform Height MillimetersWorking Range up to 5Kg item From - To MetersWorking Range 20Kg item From - To MetersPrice
SM-LT0411451.4 - 2.81.4 - 2.34,259
SM-LT0514351.7 - 3.11.7 - 2.64,423
SM-LT0617202.0 - 3.42.0 - 2.94,653
SM-LT0720052.3 - 3.72.3 - 3.24853
SM-LT0822952.5 - 3.92.5 - 3.45,195
SM-LT0925802.8 -4.22.8 - 3.75,388
SM-LT1028653.1 - 4.53.1 - 4.05,571
SM-LT1131553.4 - 4.83.4 - 4.25,751
SM-LT1234403.7 - 5.13.7 - 4.66,091
SM-LT1337354.0 - 5.44.0 - 4.96,268
SM-LT1440154.3 - 5.74.3 - 5.26,467
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StockMaster Lift-Truk - Dimensions