StockMaster Mezzalad
Mezzanine Access Ladder

  • Safe, Easy Access to Mezzanines

  • Stores Away when not in use

  • Includes an Upper Floor Safety Gate

  • Simple Install with Two Universal Brackets

  • Designed and Tested to 150 Kg Load Rating

Use the space you have paid for with a Mezzanine Access Ladder!

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Specifications and Sizes

StockMaster Mezzalad

StockMaster Mezzalad features a space-saving design which allows storage flat against the wall when not in use. A simple lift and pull action brings the ladder to the use position. The 600 mm step width provides comfortable access. Also included are two handrails for safe and easy climbing. The handrails extend 900 mm beyond the upper floor. This enables safe step through access to the upper floor while keeping a handhold. Provided at the upper floor level is a Safety Gate to preserve the integrity of the perimeter railing. When using the gate the operator stands on the upper floor. All risks of opening or closing the gate while standing on the ladder are removed.

Standard Series Size Selection Chart

Mezzanine Access Ladder - Sizes

StockMaster Mezzalad  Sizes

Mezzalad is available in fifteen sizes for mezzanine floor heights between 1.310 meters and 4.280 meters. Ready-made models are available in four sizes for floor heights between 2.33 to 3.225 meters. Floor heights under 2.33 meters or over 3.225 meters are custom-made.

For full data see diagrams below.

Custom Made Series Size Selection Chart

Mezzanine Access Ladder - Custom Sizes

StockMaster Mezzalad Dimensions

Mezzanine Access Ladder - Specifications