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Mobile Work Platforms

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A Question about Mobile Work Platforms  –
Where Can You Use Them?
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StockMaster Tracker
Gets the job done Indoors or Outdoors on all terrains. Moves easily over Slopes, Unsealed and Uneven Surfaces and Provides a Large Protected Work-space for endless jobs.
StockMaster TrackerPRO
The ultimate Mobile Work Platform. Features a fully Automatic Platform Safety Gate providing Fall Protection plus a Side Opening Rota-Gate for Easy Access to many jobs.
ALLWELD Mobile Work Platform
Tilt and go. The Allweld Mobile Work Platform has a 250Kg load rating and two large diameter wheels to negotiate rough surfaces. Also a generous size platform provides plenty of work space.
StockMaster Navigator
For a solid, safe Mobile Work Platform that can be manoeuvred and positioned with ease the StockMaster Navigator manages confined spaces and is the most efficient mobile platform ladder for use on level surfaces.
StockMaster NavigatorPRO
All the benefits of Navigator plus an Automatic Platform Safety Gate providing fall protection and a Side Opening Rota-Gate for Improved access for Maintenance, Manufacturing and many other tasks.
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