OmniPRO Mobile Platform-Step

  • 2 Large Wheels for Indoor / Outdoor Use

  • Moves Easily Over Most Surfaces

  • Wheel Around in Open or Closed Position

  • Safe – Fully Automatic Braking

  • Includes a Platform Safety Gate & Tool Tray

Simply the ultimate in
go anywhere Mobile Platform Ladders

OmniPRO Mobile Platform-Step - Brochure
OmniPRO Mobile Platform-Step - Specifications

Specifications and Sizes

Specifications and Sizes

OmniPRO Mobile Platform-Step - Specification Table

The OmniPRO Mobile Platform-Step

The StockMaster OmniPRO is a safe, portable and strong mobile work platform.
Whether you need a platform ladder for indoors or out, Omni is the platform
ladder you can use everywhere.
Featuring two large wheels and a single control for braking and steerng, OmniPRO
moves easily in the open position without lifting or dragging. Simply take up the
control and move it. Release the control, and OmniPRO is automatically in safe mode
with no risk of moving as you commence to climb. All instability associated with
designs that use spring loaded castors is eliminated, and there is no movement
as you work on the platform.

OmniPRO goes everywhere!
Take OmniPRO from place to place on the worksite with no more lifting or carrying.
Indoors or outdoors simply tow it behind you, – over concrete, gravel or grass
and use your free hand for your tool box, or whatever else you need. Fold it, and
transport it in your Ute or on Roof Racks and when your not using it, simply hang it
up, or store it flat against a wall.

StockMaster OmniPRO also features a Tool Tray and easy-use Safety Gate at the
platform entry. Simply step onto the platform and open or close the gate without
turning around and you are protected from accidentally stepping off the front of
the platform.