When it comes to Orchard Ladders – We have the Pick of the Crop!

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Allweld Pointed Tripod - Orchard Ladders

ALLWELD Tripod Ladder – Pointed Top
Serving the Australian fruit picking industry for over 25 years. These Tripod Ladders still meet the need of the Orchard Industry for Stable, Lightweight and Easily Manoeuvrable fruit picking ladders.

Allweld Square Tripod - Orchard Ladders

ALLWELD Tripod Ladder – Square Top
Choose the Ladder Top you need. These Tripod Ladders are fully welded in 6060T5 Aluminium providing you with a Fruit Picking Ladder guaranteed to handle the rough stuff and built to last.

Allweld - Orchard Picking Stool

ALLWELD Orchard Picking Stool
For lower level picking these Picking Stools provide a safe and strong working platform for pickers and are equipped with Foot Spikes. These Picking Stools also provide good purchase on the ground.

Allweld - Banana Ladder

ALLWELD Banana Ladders
Reflecting the shape of the fruit, these Banana Ladders are specifically designed to make easy, light work of picking the crop. They are available in a size range from 5 to 12 steps.