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Platfrom Step Ladders - Stationery

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Platform Ladders can Reduce Accidents – Even More with a Safety Gate!
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ALLWELD Platform Step Ladders
Genuine industrial grade ladders. Fully welded using marine grade, thick walled, aluminium tube with full length grab rails. Flared wide base ensures maximum stability. Available from two to eight steps (platform  height 0.56  to 2.26 Mtr.) Load rating 200 Kg.
LADaMAX Platform Step Ladders
A lightweight but rigid platform step-ladder designed for  tradesmen. Features double hollow step treads and also Swagelock step  connections with a channel section rear frame for maximum strength.  Available from 2 to 6 steps (platform height 0.61 to 1.74 Mtrs.) Load  rating 150 Kg.
StockMaster Surefoot
SureFoot features a generous sized anti-slip platform &  waist high rear grab rail. For comfort and safety the platform steps  also have a surface area over twenty five percent more than most  platform ladders. Available from 4 to 8 steps (platform height 1.0 to  2.0 Meters) Load rating 150 Kg.
LADaMAX Fibreglass Platform Step-Ladders
A lightweight but rigid platform step ladder that ensures safety where electrical hazards exist. Double hollow step treads & a channel section rear frame also ensure strength. Available from 2 to 6  steps (platform height 0.61 to 1.74 Meters) Load rating 150 Kg.
BRANACH WorkMaster FPL Fibreglass P/Step
The leader for safety and durability. This ladder has a 450mm wide platform and a Strongbox jointing system for strength. It has a 900mm high rail for safety & is ground isolated for electrical  work. Available from 2 to 12 steps (platform height 0.60 to 3.6 Mtrs.)  Load rating 150 Kg.
BRANACH WorkMaster FPW Fibreglass P/Step
Also available with a wider 550mm platform and featuring Strongbox jointing system reducing twist and sway up to 40%, 900mm high safety railing & ground isolation for electrical work. Available  from 2 to 12 steps (platform hgt. 0.60 to 3.6 Mtrs.) Load rating 150 Kg.
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