Powermaster Fibreglass Extension-Ladder - Brochure
Powermaster Extension-Ladder - Specifications

BRANACH Powermaster
Fibreglass Extension-Ladder

  • Fibreglass Stiles for Ground Isolation

  • Lightweight and Effortless Deployment

  • Flat D Rungs for Safety and Comfort

  • Strongbox Construction Reduces Twist

  • All Weather Resistant

The Powermaster Fibreglass Extension-Ladder is also available in the Corrosion-Master ladder range. These ladders are designed for the world’s harshest environments and feature Fibreglass D-rungs and all stainless steel fittings. Contact us for Details.


Specifications and Sizes

Branach Powermaster Fibreglass Extension Ladder Ladder
Model/CodeClosed HeightExtended HeightWeightLoad RatingPrice
BRFED5.23.3 M5.2M18.5Kg160Kg1323
BRFED6.43.9 M6.4M21.6Kg160Kg1504
BRFED7.64.5 M7.6M27.1Kg160Kg1667
BRFED8.85.1 M8.8M31.5Kg160Kg1853
BRFED9.45.8 M9.4M35.5Kg160Kg1997
BRFED9.85.8 M9.8M35.5Kg160Kg1997
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This ladder is also available in the FEY series with Fibreglass Rungs.
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Ladder Accessories

There is an extensive range of ladder accessories for Branach ladders. These add-ons improve safety as well as comfort for ladder users. The Terrain Master add-on increases the width at the base of a ladder. Therefore it enables ladders use on uneven surfaces and slopes. It also reduces the risk of ladders slipping or sliding. The Terrain Master fits to the Powermaster Fibreglass Extension-Ladder. In addition it fits to all other Branach ladders.

The TerrainMaster brings a whole new level of safety to those working at heights. It provides a levelling and stabilising system that is a game changer.

Watch the video and Contact us for details.

Powermaster Fibreglass Extension-Ladder - Specifications
Powermaster Fibreglass Extension-Ladder - specifications