Don’t Enjoy the View from a Hospital Bed? Make Sure the Ladder is Right for The Job
(And ensure that the Ladders is correctly set up. Single and Extension Ladders can pose significant accident risk if not properly used)
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LADaMAX Aluminium Single and Extension Ladders made to Australian Standards

LADaMAX Aluminium Single Ladder
A lightweight and rigid single ladder for professionals seeking the ultimate in height safety. Swagelock ‘D’ rungs and Channel section stiles for 2.4m-4.2m and also
I-Beam section stiles for 4.8m-6.0m and large flat feet. Lengths 2.4m – 6.0m 

LADaMAX Aluminium Single and Extension Ladders made to Australian Standards

LADaMAX Aluminium Extension Ladder
This lightweight and rigid Extension Ladder will suit professionals. Flat top ‘D’ rung and Interlocking side rails for safety and stability together with an easy use flow braided rope systemLarge flat feet for extra support Lengths from 2.4-3.9m to 6.0-10.8m

LADaMAX Fibreglass Single Ladders made to Australian Standards

LADaMAX Fibreglass Single Ladder
A Fibreglass Single Ladder that is lightweight and portable without compromising strength or durability and also for safe for electrical work. Channel section side rails. Aluminium Swagelock “D” rung connections and large solid base feet. Lengths 2.4m – 6.0m

Branach Ladder Design - Strength through Strongbox Construction

BRANACH Fibreglass Single Ladders
As safe as they are tough. With durable and repairable Strongbox construction TradeMaster and PowerMaster Single ladders are built to last. Also safe for electrical work and available from 2.4m to 5.5m in two widths with an array of accessories.

Branach Manurfacturing - Superior strength through Strongbox Construction

BRANACH PowerMaster Fibreglass Extensions
These Extension Ladders feature Fiberglass Stiles for electrical work. Light weight and effortless to deploy with flat D rungs for safety and comfort and also all-weather swivel feet. Strongbox construction to reduce twist and sway. Sizes 2.7-4.0m to 5.8-9.8m


Make sure your Single or Extension Ladder is correctly set up on a level surface.
Position the base of the ladder one meter away from the wall for every four meters of height between the ground & the contact point of the ladder.