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StockMaster Step-Thru Mobile Access - Specifications

Step-Thru Mobile Access Platform

  • All Terrain Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • Fast Easy Movement with Auto-Braking

  • Ideal for Transports and Loading Docks

  • Flexible Access for Mezzanines

  • 150 Kg Australian Standard Load Rating

 flexible, safe and easy access for a more profitable and safer workplace

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

StockMaster Step-Thru Mobile Access Ladder

With two large diameter wheels Step-Thru Mobile Access Ladder moves easily over sealed or unsealed surfaces. It also moves easily over slopes and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Featuring just one control it is fast and easy to move around.

When moving to the job simply raise the control to bring the ladder to the mobile position for easy and positive steering. Release the control to brake automatically. The ladder is then in the stable stationary position.

Reducing Accident and Cost

Step-Thru also removes the dangerous practice of climbing on or off trucks. It also replaces the use of step ladders to access containers or mezzanine floors. This reduces the risk of accident not to mention the cost. With a stable stepping off platform and two side safety rails for a firm handhold, access to the work place is safe and easy.

StockMaster Step-Thru
This selection chart provides a guide for the service height range.
The Operating Environment must also be known to confirm product suitability.
Model/CodePlatform Height MillimetersService Height Range From - to MetersPrice
SM-ST038600.900 - 11851,560
SM-ST0411451185 - 14751,698
SM-ST0514351475 -17601,777
SM-ST0617201760 - 20451,933
SM-ST0720052045 - 23352,029
SM-ST0822952335 - 26202,172
SM-ST0925802620 - 20952,316
SM-ST1028652095 - 31502,414
NOTE: Danger - never use a platform height that is higher than the floor level to be accessed. When descending from the floor level the stepping action onto the platform must be a step down.
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Step-Thru Dimensions

StockMaster Step-Thru Mobile Access - Dimensions