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StockMaster Mezzalad Mezzanine Goods Lift

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StockMaster Mezzalift
Mezzanine Goods Lift
  • Safe and Easy Lifting up to 60 Kg
  • Length Adjusts to Floor Height
  • Load Automatically Braked at Any Position
  • Always Read to Work – No Battery Required
  • Simple to Install – Only 2 Fixing Locations
Safe and Easy Lifting.
Eliminate the dangerous practice of carrying items up or down a ladder.
Use a Mezzanine goods Lift and make more use of your Mezzanine storage space.
Specifications and Sizes
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StockMaster Mezzalift
StockMaster Mezzalift is available in seven sizes with a reach height between 2.555 meters and 4.275 meters. The maximum load is 60 kilos. All sizes adjust to match the exact height of your mezzanine. The maximum range of adjustment is 305 millimeters.

Using a simple winding mechanism, items weighing up to 60 kg are easily moved by a single operator.
Featuring a reliable manually operated winch, braking of the load is  automatic when the winch handle is released. Maintenance costs are  minimal, and there is no down time for charging of batteries. The dangerous practice of carrying items up or down the ladder is eliminated and the lift table can be positioned to allow a constant working height for positioning of stacked loads.

The overall length is adjustable to ensure correct operating height at the upper floor level and place the lift table at waist height for easy loading and unloading.
Mezzalift is fast and simple to install with fixing required a just two locations and is provided with a high visibility ground level safety rail system to eliminate the possibility of standing under the lift  table.

Mezzalift is the ideal companion to Stockmaster Mezzalad providing for personell access and goods transport to mezzanine floors and storage areas above factory offices and tea Rooms etc.
Order Options and Pricing
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OnLine Order Inquiry
Select your product size (model) and quantity from the dropdown list and place your order inquiry.
No online payment is required.
Note: Prices listed do not include FREIGHT or TAX.

You will receive an email quotation invoice including freight (if any) and tax. If you decide to proceed, pay the invoice and your order will be shipped or available for collection. We accept payment by EFT, MasterCard and Visa.
Order by Phone
If you have questions about your product or other inquiries you can call us on
1300 944 912 and we will be happy to answer them. If you decide to proceed we can take your order and payment details over the phone. We accept payment by EFT, MasterCard and Visa.

Order by Email
You can send your standard order document by email and advise your preferred payment and shipping method. We accept payment by EFT, MasterCard and Visa.
StockMaster Mezzalift Goods Lift
Mezzanine Access
Online Order Inquiry
Shipping Information
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This item is available for Australia Wide Delivery by road transport.
For delivery times or express delivery contact us.

This item is also available for pick-up from the following location –
Crestwood NSW. (Canberra Region)
Pick-up hours: Monday to Thursday 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Friday 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (Excluding Public Holidays)
Note: This location does not take payments. To enable pickup pay your invoice.
On payment receipt you will receive a pick up authorisation including pickup address.

Delivery Address
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