TrackerPRO Mobile Work Platform

  • Indoor, Outdoor All Terrain Use

  • Large Protected Platform Work Space

  • Automatic Platform Entry Safety Gate

  • Fast Easy Movement with Auto-Braking

  • 150 Kg Australian Standard Load Rating

Australia’s most popular
Auto-Safe Mobile Work Platform

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

StockMaster TrackerPRO Mobile Work-Platform

StockMaster TrackerPRO is a versatile and also easy to use mobile work platform. With two large diameter wheels it moves easily over sealed and unsealed surfaces. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. Featuring a single control to steer and brake it is fast and easy to move around. To move to the job take hold of the control and raise the unit to the mobile position. Release the control and the ladder brakes and is stable.

One control does it all creating a much safer product.

With the control raised  you are positioned away from the front of the ladder to allow a normal walking step. The ladder moves easily to the job in much less time than competing products and also needs no set up when you get there. TrackerPRO is easier and faster to move around and saves time on the job.

StockMaster TrackerPRO Mobile Work-Platform includes StockMaster Auto-Gate 

The StockMaster Auto-Gate is a platform gate that protects the ladder user against the risk of a fall. On entering the platform the gate closes automatically behind the user. Releasing the locking latch resets the gate to the open position for the next user. As a result safety improves with a consequent decrease in the risk of accident claims.

StockMaster TrackerPRO Mobile Work-Platform includes StockMaster Rota-Gate.

The Stockmaster Rota-Gate is a platform gate that opens the side of the platform. It provides easy access for stock-picking and also access for manufacturing and maintenance tasks. To use the gate, place the side of the platform next to the work face and rotate the gate to the open position.

 As can be seen from the above the combination of these gates results in a very safe and productive work platform.

StockMaster TrackerPRO Selection Chart
This Selection Chart provides a guide for the Working Range.
The working Range is the height above ground at which an operator
can safely work when standing on the platform.
The Operating Environment must also be known
to confirm the suitability of the product.
Model/CodePlatform HeightWorking Range From - To MetersPrice
SM-TP038601.1 - 2.72,297
SM-TP0411451.4 - 3.02,459
SM-TP0514351.7 - 3.32,554
SM-TP0617202.0 - 3.62,700
SM-TP0720052.3 - 3.92,791
SM-TP0822952.5 - 4.12,945
SM-TP0925802.8 -4.33,069
SM-TP1028653.1 - 4.73,160
SM-TP1131553.4 - 5.03,265
SM-TP1234403.7 - 5.33,539
SM-TP1337354.0 - 5.63,644
SM-TP1440154.3 - 5.93,745
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