Tripod Orchard Ladders Pointed top

  • Fully Welded Aluminium for Strength

  • Single Rear Leg for Close Positioning

  • Deep Non Slip Steps for Comfort & Safety

  • Foot Spikes for Improved Traction

  • 150 Kg Load Rating

Serving the Australian Orchard Industry for over 35 years these ladders get the job done with ease and most of them are still doing it!

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Allweld Pointed Top Tripod Ladder
Model/CodeStep NumberHeight MetersApprox WeightPrice
AWTRP1551.957 kg311
AWTRP1862.258 kg330
AWTRP2172.559 kg352
AWTRP2482.8510 kg380
AWTRP2793.1511 kg419
AWTRP30103.4513 kg474
AWTRP33113.7514 kg511
AWTRP36124.0515 kg542
AWTRP39134.3516 kg582
AWTRP42144.6517 kg615
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Allweld Tripod Ladder Accessories
AWTRWB - Wide base
AWTRRF - Square Rubber Feet instead of Spikes
AWTRRRS - Interchangeable feet (1 set of rubber feet - 1 set of spikes)
AWTRXAL - Height adjustable rear leg
These items are not available for on-line order.
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ALLWELD Tripod Orchard Ladders  – Pointed Top

Orchard Ladders – Increasing safety, speed and comfort

Allweld are specialists in heavy-duty aluminium orchard ladders. They have been servicing the Australian fruit picking industry for over 25 years.

The Tripod Orchard Ladders by Allweld have been developed and refined to meet the need of the orchard industry. The ladder is made from high-grade 6060 T5 marine grade aluminium. The tripod is stable, lightweight and consequently very manoeuvrable.

In addition the base is wider than standard with foot spikes and three legs. This gives the tripod ladder excellent stability. The single rear leg enables pickers to position closer into trees.

Steps are 80 mm wide with non-slip grooves and fully welded inside and out. This increases picking safety and comfort. The tripod ladder load rating is 150 kilo. It suits many crops. These include apple, mandarin, cherry, fig, apricot, mango, peach, pear and custard apple orchards.