The Waku Telescopic Ladder - Brochure
 The Waku Telescopic Ladder - Specifications

Telescopic Ladder

  • 5 Ladders in One

  • Simple to Use

  • Optional accessories to suit every job

  • 120 Kg Load Rating

  • Conforms to AS/NZS 1892.1

Australia’s most reliable, safe and best value Telescopic Multi-Purpose Ladder 
for over 30 years!

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Waku Telescopic Ladder
Model/CodeStorage Height (M)Step Ladder Heights (M)Extension Ladder Heights (M)Trestle Heights (M)Weight KilosPrice
LJTL101.023-5 RUNGS MAX 1.346-10 RUNGS MAX 3.10.33 / 0.61 / 0.8910657
LJTL141.294-7 RUNGS MAX 1.868-14 RUNGS MAX 4.20.33 / 0.61 / 0.89 /1.1713663
LJTL181.575-9 RUNGS MAX 2.4010-18 RUNGS MAX 5.30.33 / 0.61 / 0.89 /1.17/ 1.4516882
LJTL221.856-11 RUNGS MAX 2.9212-22 RUNGS MAX 6.40.33 / 0.61 / 0.89 /1.17/ 1.45 / 1.73201,025
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WAKU Accessories

 The Waku Telescopic Ladder - Accessories
Waku Telescopic Ladder
LJ-104Hook On Platform113
LJ-105Leg Leveller100
LJ-106Wall Stand Off225
LJ-107Extension Arms for Wall Stand Off69
LJ-109Spikes for Telescopic Ladder57
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The WAKU Telescopic Ladder is the Original Ultra-Versatile Telescopic Ladder. Manufactured in Germany from high-quality materials with attention to detail the ladder is extremely easy to handle. You can configure the The WAKU Telescopic Ladder to do the work of many different ladders and therefore save cost and time.

As a Step Ladder

You can adjust WAKU Telescopic Ladder rung by rung to almost double its height. It is safely locked by four strong spring pins. Therefore this ladder replaces a complete range of step ladders of different heights. Simply telescope the ladder and adjust it to the height you require. Fold the ladder for transport and it will easily fit into a car boot.

As a Staircase Ladder

When in the Step Ladder configuration, one side of the ladder is telescoped rung by rung. Telescope one side so that the length is greater than the opposite side. This allows the ladder to be used on uneven ground like slopes, and also on staircases.

As a Sliding Extension Ladder

The WAKU Telescopic ladder has an automatic safety hinge. To convert it to a straight ladder open the hinge. Then extend the ladder rung by rung to the length you need whereby it can be almost four times its original transport size.

As a Pair of Trestles
Only one WAKU Telescopic Ladder is required. Separate the inner and outer sections of the ladder. Open out the inner section to form an “A” frame Trestle. Then then join the two outer sections together by using their height adjustment pins. As a result you now have two trestles and need only a plank to start work.

Waku Telescopic Ladder
Waku Telescopic Ladder