Welded Aluminium Order-Pickers

  • Fully Welded Construction

  • Large Checkerplate Platform

  • 250 Kg Load Rating

  • Optional Safety Gate

  • Optional Rear Boom Gate

These welded aluminium order-pickers feature a Tilt and Go mechanism suitable for use on flat, level surfaces.

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Allweld Order Picker
Model / CodeStep NumberPlatform HeightFoot PrintLoad RatingPrice
AWEMOP033816mm825 x 1260250 Kg1201.00
AWEMOP0441088mm825 x 1425250 Kg1237.00
AWEMOP0551359mm825 x 1590250 Kg1,318.00
AWEMOP0661631mm825 x 1755250 Kg1,407.00
AWEMOP0771903mm1040 x 1920250 Kg1,524.00
AWEMOP0882175mm1040 x 2085250 Kg1,652.00
AWEMOP0992447mm1040 x 2250250 Kg1,801.00
AWEMOP10102719mm1040 x 2415250 Kg1,945.00
AWEMOP11112991mm1220 x 2580250 Kg2097.00
AWEMOP12123265mm1220 x 2745250 Kg2,258.00
AWEMOP13133535mm1220 x 2910250 Kg2,420.00
AWEMOP14143806mm1220 x 3075250 Kg2,581.00
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Order Pickers – Big, robust, and fully welded

Allweld Industrial Ladders makes fully welded Order Pickers.  These big robust units are available with a platform height of 816mm up to 3806mm high. A wider than standard base ensures maximum stability.

Allweld doesn’t compromise safety with inferior material or inferior material thickness – we build it to last. Steps are an 80mm wide extrusion with non-slip grooves set in to maximise grip. Handrails run up both sides of the ladder for comfort and safety.

The platform edge has a 100mm toe-board that adds to the platform safety and strength. 2.5mm reinforced chequer-plate makes the platform which has a 250kg load rating. The large 600mm x 700mm size provides plenty of room to work from.

Fitting of an optional safety gate fully encloses the operator on the platform.
The units are manoeuvred like a wheelbarrow, the operator lifts one end and wheels it to the needed position.  (Because of the tilt action do not transport goods on the platform) The design of the handrails doubles as a convenient lifting point.