Aallweld Fully Welded Dual-Purpose Ladder - Brochure
Aallweld Fully Welded Dual Purpose Ladder - Specifications

ALLWELD Aluminium
Welded Dual-Purpose Ladder 

  • Fully Welded Construction

  • Truss Design Eliminates Flexing

  • Flared Base for Increased Stability

  • Fast, Secure Locking in Extension Mode

  • 150 Kg Industrial Load Rating

With a Tough Tubular Frame these Dual Purpose Ladders last the distance –
Most of them still going strong
after more than 30 years!

Specifications Sizes and Pricing

Allweld Dual Purpose Ladder
Model/CodeStep NumberHeightWeightLoad RatingPrice
AWDP1861.63m (3.0m extended)8kg150 kg397
AWDP2171.90m (3.6m extended)9kg150 kg443
AWDP2482.18m (4.3m extended)10kg150 kg488
AWDP2792.45m (4.9m extended)11kg150 kg537
AWDP30102.72m (5.5m extended)12kg150 kg594
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Allweld Fully Welded Dual-Purpose Ladder
Fully welded from high grade 6060 T5 MF grade aluminium.
Safety and stability is maximised with a wider than standards base.
Non slip, 80mm deep steps provides comfort and safety.
Load rated to 150kg for industrial applications.
The unique welded truss sides provide plenty of strength gainst flexing when extended.
Allweld Dual Purpose ladders are available from six steps to ten steps (1.63m – 2.72m).
When folded out as an extension ladder, the six step ladder achieves a reach of 3m, and the 10 step ladder achieves a reach of 5.5m.