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Trestles Stools and Planks

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altech super stools
Altech Super Stools are available in a choice of heights and feature a spring-loaded locking system that secures the stool legs in place in both the closed and open position. They are light, tough and have handles to carry them when folded and also when in use.
altech flexi-legs
The Altech Flexi-Leg is a unique solution for a for a ‘mix and match’ stool that suits most aluminium planks. Choose your Stool height with either adjustable folding or fixed legs. Then choose the your plank length to best suit the job.
altech supasafe trestles
These aluminium trestles are light yet tough, and come with telescopic or fixed legs. The stiles are spaced to support a 450mm wide twin-plank platform. Set up as single or multiple bays and the telescopic legs will allow up to 260mm of height variations
altech supasafe planks
Manufactured from structural-grade aluminum these planks deliver strength and durability for many years of trouble free use. They feature vee-groove knurls for grip, cast aluminium end caps and two internal stiffening webs for increased impact resistance.
altech handrail system
This handrail system, when used with Altech Supasafe Planks and Trestles, provides a secure and safe fall-protecion trestle system. Use it as a single or multiple bay system to create a continuous and stable work platform for use at heights up to 4.8 metres.
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